Sidr is an excellent and delicate natural cleanser alternative to traditional shampoos for whomever has allergies, and not just for them!*

It can be used both as a washing and purifying skin mask, and as a ✓moisturizing, ✓volumizing hair mask, and ✓it can be used to make herbal hair colors stay longer on your hair. It’s excellent for the skin because it has ✓purifying and ✓astringent properties.*

Hair Benefits

  • it washes hair delicately*
  • it moisturizes and it acts like a conditioner thanks to the high percentage of mucilages *
  • it soothes itchy and sore scalp*
  • it purifies irritated skin*
  • it’s anti-dandruff*
  • it gives strength to hair*
  • it makes your scalp healthier*
  • it leaves your hair silky and voluminous*
  • it helps preventing herbal hair color wash-out*

Skin Benefits

  • it washes delicately and deeply*
  • it has a purifying and astringent action*
  • it soothes and freshens the skin*
  • it’s ideal for combination, impure and acneic skins*
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